On the remote and barren plains of North Dakota two men search for redemption by overcoming the past, in what could be considered the “gold rush” of modern times…

Black Harvest Poster


In the great American West, two men are lead to reconsider their lives, given new economic opportunities. Thanks to new extraction techniques, namely hydraulic fracking, North Dakota has been undergoing an unprecedented oil boom for the last ten years, which has lead to drastic changes, both individual and social. The local “homesteaders” watch their traditional way of life fade away, whereas newcomers arrive in this blessed area searching for jobs and a better way of life.

The future is uncertain for John Heiser, the unwitting witness of this “gold rush” of modern times and for Doug Wenner, hit by the economic crisis, who may find here an unexpected occasion for redemption.

North Dakota, so far considered as remote, is rushed into the industrial era, forced to increase the number of drills and to welcome an ever-growing population where everyone must learn how to take their fair share of the Black Harvest.



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