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Having acquired a very eclectic experience within different professions of the audiovisual scene during the last 20 years, and 10 years after creating his own company espera productions – a unique tool in Luxembourg and Greater Region (top quality image and sound post-production) – Raoul Nadalet has now chosen to tell stories his way.

ANTEVITA FILMS was founded in 2006 with the sole objective to produce, co-produce and distribute movies (documentaries, short and feature films) based on real facts: true stories written by life itself, stories that have influenced or changed the lives of a person, of a family or even of a whole ethnic group.


In our opinion true stories, whatever their subject, are cruel and violent enough not to be unnecessarily exaggerated. Our films are not going to emphasize emotions through superfluous sound and special effects or dramatic soundtracks.


We would like the members of our audience to have a good time while enjoying an entertaining but also thought-provoking moment. They might like the film for its cinematographic language, but it might also open their eyes and shed light on their own life stories.

It was during the colour grading of High Low, a documentary about four men caught in the infernal spiral of gambling in Hong Kong and Macau (Samsa Film, Luxembourg, 2011), that Jean-Louis Schuller and I discovered we had common esthetic and artistic points of view and promised to work together. While Black Harvest is rooted in the reality of a region unavoidably disrupted by an economic and ecological revolution, its main focus is the destiny of men and women living in that reality, which is why ANTEVITA FILMS quite naturally committed to produce this movie alongside Jean-Louis Schuller and Sean Clark.

-- Raoul Nadalet



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