Directors’ vision

We are interested in people – those who have come to the boomtowns to save their existence and those who, as a result, are losing their own. We find the push-and-pull between these two sides fascinating and important. The essential question is how far will people go to save their family, their home, and their honor? However, these personal stories aim to pose broader questions about how we live and the human cost of energy. What is happening in North Dakota with fracking is becoming part of the global discourse. Whilst primarily this is a people film and not a political film, we hope to express the more abstract, epic struggle between land and people and industrialization that makes up the background to the story.

Before this boom, North Dakota was one of the least industrialized places on the U.S. map, where horses and cattle greatly outnumbered cars. In every way, it truly was the iconic Old West. There are consequences to the way the U.S consumes. Our goal in showing both sides is to not evade the complexity of the situation and to make the viewer connect with the people living in this sacrifice area.

It is a film about faith and hope of the future generation

We seek to make a film both topical and timeless. High profile news sources from the New York Times to the Guardian have recently given front-page articles as to the future of fracking globally and view North Dakota as only the beginning. We believe that the story and people of this area deserve the kind of intimacy and deeper attention that documentary film can achieve when working at its best. In some ways it is a film about faith and hope of the future generation in a world where sustainability is becoming more and more vital. As such, the audience will be asked to test their own beliefs through identifying with the decisions and viewpoints that the protagonist is making. The world around our characters will be rich and full of detail and will reflect the themes in the film. We will reveal the difficulties created by this oil boom both on the environment and society. This is a story that needs to be told.


  • Directors' Vision